Connecting an online inbound campaign to a Service you want to promote.

Activating a pipleline for a certain type of customer request:

A Balanced Spread

Think to yourself. Do you know the answer to these questions?

  • What is my product spread?
  • Where do I already have channels and how are they performing. ?

Does your new customer calls come for a specific service? or are you receiving a miss mash of customer requests?

Did you know that you can get more calls for a certain type of customer?

You have had this idea on a service you would like to push but not sure how to get it visible? "Thats us"

We can build a balanced marketing spend over Paid and Organic channels

  • Paid channels to get into place
  • Organic channels form a net of specific customer requests.

If you have a website. You have to take note of SEO and how that fits in with your overall content marketing. Building hashtag

clouds to twitter is what SEO is to search engines. We have to acknowledge that google is spending less time on SEO and pushing organic even lower on the fold.

SEO in your pocket.

What we do.

We provide companies like yours the ability to offer a high quality SEO Marketing, SSM and Content marketing service. You focus an what you do really well and we focus on what we do really well. Your customers win and you get great reviews.

Who are we? is our retail face while is our wholesale site.

Packages You Could Offer Now

Local SEO

1. Local Plus

2. Local Premium

3. Local Prime

Organic SEO

1. SEO Plus

2. SEO Premium

3. SEO Prime

Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Monthly

2. Instagram (add on)

3. Additional posts (add on)

Content Marketing

1. Blog Writing

2. Guest posting

3. Press Release

What do we mean?

When you are focused on designing and developing websites for clients. It's not the easiest thing to offer a service that will boost traffic for them.

We provide your web design company the option to provide a fully managed service that will boost traffic and conversion for your clients.

You are able to add a fully fledged SEO service to your current product offering without doing the acual grunt work.

The DIGITAL AGENCY provides Website Designers and developers a one stop solution for.

Fully Managed

  • Local SEO
  • Organic SEO
  • SEO optimisations
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Blog writing ( We have professional, knowledgeable, niche writers )
  • Guest posting ( We do manual out reach to relevant partners )
  • Press release marketing ( Rank a local business in the google 3 pack within 8 months )

What it could look like?

You have been working on this idea to get more exposure for a service at your business location

You have a product (menu) and perhaps 2 or 3 services on that menu.

Service 1 and 2 are going not too bad but you have introduced this new service and that is not going all that well. Because

It's not receiving any attention. You know this service will do well if it receives some form of exposure.

What would happen ?

We will identify services that you could target online, this means we go and look to see how and where we can find your business.

Then build a seo plan that you may implement (our people talk to your people )


If we do this, we need to finish this. it takes 3 to 4 months to get google to start noticing the changes. If we were running additional Mailing and social campaigns to compliment the SEO efforts. We could cut this time.


By combining SEO and Paid campaigns we tell the search engines what the people will search for and with Paid campaigns we tell the people what to search for

Have you tried combining campaigns. ? SEO and Social ?

Social media tag cloud campaigning. We can put your service in view of the world. And slowly work toward distilling your reach into a local following.

PS. We work with budgets $2k pm (min) over 12 months (min)

Connect the dots; SEO and Social !

Tell the people what to search for. Then tell the search engines what the people will search for.